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The corpus in the LexALP Information System is based mostly on legal documents available in full form at the sites indicated below. The LexALP Bibliographic Database offers detailed bibliographic reference to textual excerpts quoted in the LexALP Term Bank.



The Official Portal of the European Commission offers free access to EU legislation in all official languages (Official Journal of the European Union, treaties, current and preparatory legislation, case law). Here below you can download a file with all the links to the documents downloaded from EUR-Lex [size 550KB]:



Alpine Convention

The official site of the Alpine Convention offers free access to the Frame Convention and all its Protocols in the four languages of the contracting parties (French, German, Italian, Slovene).


Rechtsinformationssystem - RIS

The Legal Information System of the Austrian Federal Chancellery offers free access to Austrian federal and national legislation (laws, regulations, case law, Official Journals of the Federation and of each Land).



The search portal for French legislation and law offers free access to all fundamental texts (Constitution and codes, laws and regulations, case law, texts from the Official Journal).


Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia -
Banca Dati delle Leggi Regionali

The database collects all legislation of the Italian North-Eastern Region Friuli Venezia Giulia and offers free access to consolidated and preceding versions of the Region’s laws.



The portal (run by JURIS GmbH, Saarbrücken) offers free access to case law and current German legislation as well as specialised journals and offers a series of other (commercial) services.


Uradni list Republike Slovenije

The online database contains the legal acts published in the Official Journal of the Republic of Slovenia (Uradni list Republike Slovenije).


Systematic Collection of Swiss Federal Legislation

Official site of the Swiss Federation with a constantly updated collection of Federal laws.


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