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The LexALP Information System meets the need for clear and coherent terminology in supranational communication and cooperation within the Alps, as urged in particular by the Alpine Convention.

The interdisciplinary and international team of the LexALP project, supported by several prestigious observers, thus intends to describe and compare the legal languages of the Alpine states in the core fields of spatial planning and sustainable development, with the aim of subsequently harmonising the main terms used for supranational communication.

To meet this target LexALP exploits the most advanced computational approaches to multilingual terminology work: corpora, well-described online terminology collections and language tools for four languages (French, German, Italian and Slovene), six national legal systems (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland) as well as relevant supranational and international legal frameworks (Alpine Convention, International law and EU law).

The terminology and text collections in the LexALP Information System are the result of international collaboration in the frame of an INTERREG IIIB Alpine Space project (January 2005 - February 2008).


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